Analyzing Television

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog for Analyzing Television. My Name is Eric Harmon and I am a Senior at Plymouth State University. For this class we had to choose a tv show to research and follow through the semester. The Tv show I chose to follow was WWE Smackdown. I chose this show because its one of my favorite shows and I’ve been watching it since I was 10 years old. I also chose this show because it different compared to the other tv shows that people chose, but also similar in a few ways. Besides the fact that its professional wrestling, Smackdown is different compared to other shows because it doesn’t have seasons, its on every single week no matter what. Smackdown is the second longest running weekly episodic television show in history, the first longest being WWE Monday Night Raw. Smackdown is similar to most shows because it is scripted and has storylines that views get invested in. Smackdown is also unique because it mixes drama and athleticism into the perfect mix that keeps views coming back week after week for the past 20 years.